Coveted Position Tracking System

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Landy Litigation Support Group


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), supported by the Landy Litigation Support Group (LLSG), needed a system to monitor and track hiring processes for top positions within the department.

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Initially, LLSG was looking for a system to generate tests for the LASD to use during the hiring process. 

During the beginning phases of the project, our team saw an opportunity to provide a more robust system that would track applicants from beginning to end. The custom-to-client system we created guides the hiring committee through each interview and test and allows them to scan and import test scores. It even helps the LASD create consistent, competitive job announcements.

Additionally, the new system protects LASD from lawsuits by making the hiring process truly objective and transparent. More than a test generator or database to keep records, the software conducts statistical analysis and ranks candidates so that final decisions are made through data-driven decisions, not personal preferences.

Throughout the software development process, our team traveled to Los Angeles to demonstrate the functionality and make sure the solution fit the needs of the LASD. 

Once the system was fully implemented, we performed an onsite training and provided staff documentation and training materials, ensuring LASD staff is able to use the system to its full capacity.


To accomplish the department’s goals, the software would need to:

  • Track applicant information
  • Generate standardized oral interviews and written examinations
  • Store all test scores
  • Calculate adverse impact
  • Produce candidate lists

The LASD was also looking for a company to provide maintenance and technical support once the system was implemented.

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft ASP.Net
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • Microsoft C# Development Language