State Children’s Health Insurance Program

Wyoming Department of Health


In 2008, the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) purchased a prebuilt system from another state to process children’s health insurance applications. 

Although this prebuilt system met some of the program’s requirements, it needed a more customized software program that allowed for up-to-date information to be accessed at a moment’s notice.

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Throughout the project, our team worked closely with internal staff to gain a complete understanding of how the system should fit into the existing workflow. 

Once we saw the functionality of the existing system and understood the needs of the staff, we recommended to DOH management that, rather than adapting the existing software, the program should be completely rewritten to function seamlessly with the department’s workflow.

Our custom-to-client software solution for WDH provided broader functionality with a smaller price tag than an “off-the-shelf” program. Plus, by working closely with the WDH team, we were able to customize the system to meet specific needs of their staff. For example, staff can now create and print customized letters within the program. The software also performs all the necessary calculations for insurance eligibility automatically. 

Since implementation, the new system has improved the WDH team’s efficiency and allowed them to provide better service to the people they serve.

The system also tracks which records have been searched and which have been sold to the public, adding a layer of fraud protection and security.

Since the system has been implemented, Gannett Peak has conducted regular and ongoing maintenance and technical support.


The agency’s children’s health insurance system required the following:

  • Ability to give instant feedback for eligibility
  • Detect data entry errors
  • Ensure accuracy

The agency was also looking for a company to provide maintenance and technical support once the system was implemented.

Technologies Used

  • AJAX
  • JQuery
  • Microsoft 2.0
  • SQL server 2005