Vital Statistics System

Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce


The HIPAA-compliant Vital Statistic System (VSS) manages the entire process for birth, death, fetal death, marriage, and divorce records. It includes creation, workflows, approval process, electronic signature, document management, certificate and/or verification generation, federal interfaces and reporting.

Modules for this system include birth, death, fetal death, marriage, and divorce. Each of the modules can be standalone systems, or any combination of the five can exist in one system.

The system is a roles-based web application with HL7 and FHIR-based interoperability that allows users to record vital events data for the purpose of creating records and certificates, and to provide reporting to federal and state agencies. 

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Baby and Mother at Hospital
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System Components
  • Birth Module
  • Adoption Module
  • Death Module
  • Fetal Death Module
  • Marriage Module
  • Divorce Module
  • Amendments
  • Central Accounting System
  • Payment/Receipt Module
  • Help Module
  • QA Module
  • Forms/Data Entry
  • Document Management
  • Workflows
  • Rules
  • Validation
  • Inventory
  • Certificate Printing/Scanning
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • System and User Administration
  • Email Template Management
  • Search
  • Notification Generation
  • STEVE Interface
  • OVS Interface
  • SSA Marriage Verification Interface
  • HL7 and FHIR Interoperability
  • Funeral Home Online Death Ordering
  • County Marriage Interface
  • Public Portal
  • Auditing and Logging
  • Deduplication of Records
  • Search
  • Notification Generation


The system is designed to: 

  • Automate and streamline processes
  • Detect data entry errors
  • Provide data to federal and state partners with automation
  • Provide public portal and provider interfaces with partner agencies such as coroners

Technologies Used

  • .NET Framework
  • Vue.js
  • Auth0
  • Microsoft SQL Server


System Integration Options

VSS Public Portal

The public portal provides the ability to submit mother’s worksheet data and marriage worksheets electronically and allows the public to order and pay for certificates online. In addition, there is an online verification access in the public portal that can be provided to partner agencies such as Family Services or Medicaid to electronically verify birth, death, marriage or divorces and for users set up with the proper request privileges to request paternity affidavits. This is all done securely. 

Coroner’s Case Management System

The Coroner’s Case Management System (CCMS) is a separate system outside of the Vital Statistics System. This HIPAA-compliant system manages the full case process including creation; workflows; data collection; tracking and data management of the autopsy; toxicology; medical and pharmacy records process; lab management; document creation; death cause and manner entry; and image and document management. This system also has a bidirectional API (interface) with Vital Statistics Services for receiving data and passing death data for death records, including a signature that allows the coroner to enter data in one system instead of two.