Vital Records System

Wyoming Department of Health


The Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) required a robust system to process vital records, including data for births, deaths, marriages and divorces. 

The Vital Records System needed to not only track this information and compile it in a database, but also ensure accuracy by making it easier to capture errors during the data entry process.

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Baby and Mother at Hospital
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Working closely with internal IT staff, our team observed the current workflow and came to a deep understanding of the existing software system. 

After identifying the areas for improvement in the software and workflow, we developed a custom solution that brought four independent data modules into one system.

By creating a system that operates on one framework with one receiving system, we streamlined the workflow and made it easier for WDH staff to search the system for data in each category, which allows staff to devote more time to other tasks. 

The system also tracks which records have been searched and which have been sold to the public, adding a layer of fraud protection and security.

Since the system has been implemented, Gannett Peak has conducted regular and ongoing maintenance and technical support.


Though the existing system performed some of the tasks the client needed, improvements were needed to: 

  • Help with existing process flows
  • Detect data entry errors
  • Perform a broader range of processes

Additionally, the agency required maintenance and technical support once the system was implemented.

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft 3.5
  • AJAX
  • JQuery
  • SQL server 2008