Water Operator Certification and Facility Management System


The Operator Certification and Facility Management System (OPCERT) is a roles-based web application that allows for the management of the entire operator certificate issuance process, including training and facility management. 

This system manages the licensing and certification, renewal, training, testing, and facility compliance for water operators and facilities. It tracks all requirements for multiple licenses and their renewal process. The Operator Certification and Facility Management System makes processes more efficient with streamlined workflows, provides operators and facilities with the information they need, and allows Operator Certification programs to go paperless by electronically submitting data.

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Water Treatment Facility
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System Components
  • Operator Profile
  • Training Management
  • Exam Management
  • Facility Management
  • Facility Compliance
  • Certificate Issuance and Renewals
  • Certificate Generation
  • Payment Processing
  • Document Library
  • Task Based Dashboards
  • Workflows
  • Rules
  • Validation
  • Interfaces
  • Notification Generation
  • Reporting
  • Forms/Data Entry
  • Search
  • System and User Administration
  • Ability to Connect with State Single Sign On and Active Directory


The system is designed to:

  • Provide efficient reporting
  • Detect data entry errors
  • Ensure accuracy

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft Azure
  • .NET Framework¬†
  • Microsoft SQL Server

System Integration Option

Lead Service Line Inventory System

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released guidance for developing and maintaining a Lead Service Line inventory. The information is needed so that states can provide information for oversight and reporting to the EPA, as well as show compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule.

The Lead Service Line Inventory System puts the pipeline inventory reporting into a streamlined workflow where the facility and/or consultants can submit their data electronically to the state. This software system simplifies the process for reporting inventories, as they can be uploaded from an existing spreadsheet or they can be input manually by creating a new form. The system is able to track, manage, and send the reported data.