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Working With Us - Gannett Peak

Working With Us

We believe in becoming part of your team

From day one of any project, our team – both project managers and programmers – work closely with your staff to gain a thorough understanding of the existing system. By working alongside software users, we can successfully assess the needs of the new system and make the entire workflow more efficient. In other words, we make our software solutions fit your needs, rather than trying to address your unique challenges with a one-size-fits-all software program.

What separates us from other software development and consulting firms? We believe it comes down to four things:

Step 1:


  • We are part of your team during every phase of the project.
  • We understand the importance of accessibility. Our staff members, including programmers, are available at all times.
  • We watch as users test the systems, allowing us to see places for improvement and to make changes on demand.
Step 1:


  • We are flexible, expect change, and quickly adapt.
  • We can develop at your location or offsite, depending on project needs.
Step 1:

Phased development

  • Our programmers provide deliverables early on and throughout development to receive feedback from your staff so necessary changes can be made.
  • Our assessment is done with you, often by watching and evaluating the process as it is being tested and completed.
Step 1:

Real-world software solutions

  • We fulfill the needs of end users and their supervisors by communicating closely with both groups. We develop systems that can be adapted to meet day-to-day workflow needs while also accomplishing overarching goals.
  • We provide solutions that increase productivity, eliminate waste and improve efficiency.
  • We use a system of key requirements and task lists to keep the project moving – on time and within the budget.

Our process

Our project successes are the result of our programmers, project managers and our methodology. Our methodology can be described as an agile, team approach built on real-world business practices. This means our highest priority is to satisfy you, the customer, through delivery of quality software that improves your business process and is on time and within budget.

Step 1:

Observe your process – in person.

Software is not one size fits all. We know that in order for us to develop the software that fits your business process, we must first understand how you operate.

Our first step, always, is working closely with your team to understand your business. The best way to facilitate this relationship is to work with your staff in person. We prefer this approach because it allows us to see your process in action and gain the confidence of your team.

Step 2:

Customize a solution

Once we understand your process, we will demonstrate various ways to use technology to improve it by providing you the data you need to perform more effectively, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Step 3:

Begin development

After a customized solution is agreed on, we will begin developing the software, taking into consideration everything we learned from you and your team. Because our programmers are part of the beginning process, they know you and your needs as well as the project managers.

Step 4:

Test each iteration

Successful delivery of custom software requires continuous feedback, a flexible attitude that expects change and the ability to quickly adapt. Effective software cannot be developed in a bubble.

This is why we develop software in phases we call iterations. During and after each iteration, we will demonstrate the software – in person – and gather your input, ensure efficacy and move in the direction that provides you the software you need and expect.

Step 5:

Implement the system

We maintain our flexibility through the implementation process. Our main focus is providing software that works on a day-to-day basis. This means we don’t disappear once a project is completed. We continue supporting the new software after implementation and are available to update software as system requirements evolve.